The Scoop on Filing Your Teeth

The internet can be a great place. It can also be a place where impressionable minds spread misinformation or trends that can be harmful or dangerous. (Remember the whole “eating Tide pods” thing?) There is a new TikTok trend that involves trying to do your own dentistry. We need parents and patients to understand just how damaging it is.

The Filing Your Teeth Trend

We are seeing TikTok videos where people are using nail files to file down their teeth. Nail files… That’s definitely not something that you’re ever going to see on an orthodontic instruments tray. The idea behind filing one’s teeth is supposedly to even out a person’s teeth to make their smile appear straighter. That’s just not how it works. No amount of filing is going to correct your smile. More than likely, you’re going to cause irreversible damage.

DIY Dentistry is a Big No-No

It’s kind of hard to believe that we have to say this, but attempting to do your own dentistry at home is a terrible idea for many reasons. The same way a person should never attempt to do their own medical surgery, dental and orthodontic procedures should be left to the professionals. Orthodontic treatments are complex formulas involving precise steps. Orthodontists, like Dr. Campbell, train for many years to learn how to keep your smile healthy. Please don’t let your kids attempt to take on these complicated tasks on their own.

Filing is Dangerous

When you attempt to file your teeth, the best-case scenario is that you’re going to cause damage that will only lead to sensitivity. Damaging your tooth enamel by filing can cause the nerves of your teeth to go into overdrive. That means eating hot or cold food and drinks will make your teeth hurt. And tooth sensitivity is no joke. The word “sensitivity” really isn’t strong enough to describe the shooting pains that patients with thinned enamel experience. It is quite uncomfortable, and it is forever. But tooth sensitivity is the least of your worries.

It is quite possible that by filing your own teeth, you can expose a nerve. Which will cause unimaginable pain of emergency status. And unfortunately, we can’t give you your tooth enamel back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. The other major concern is the way filing your teeth leaves you vulnerable to extreme cavities and decay. And we’re not talking cavities that just need a simple filing. More than likely if you file your teeth, you’d need a root canal to correct any cavities in those teeth.

It Just Doesn’t Work

In addition to the major risks, it’s important to point out that this trend simply doesn’t work. In reality, you’re warping your teeth and causing them to be misshapen. Although the videos may appear to make teeth look straighter, in reality this DIY dental procedure is a joke. The only way to truly “fix” a crooked smile is through orthodontic procedures. And the good news is that we offer many different options when it comes to straightening your smile! And if the cost is a concern, we work hard to provide financing options that work for all budgets.

Straighten Safely!

If you are unsatisfied with your smile, contact us today so we can help. Our entire team’s number one goal is your dental health. We create beautiful smiles that last a lifetime – but we can only do that if your teeth stay healthy. Filing is a dangerous trend that will leave its followers with unhealthy and painful results. Leave the teeth straightening to us. We PROMISE you’ll get safe and beautiful results through orthodontics.

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