Show Your Retainers Some Love


Here is your reminder to show your retainer some love! Retainers and the retention phase are a very important part of orthodontic treatment. Check out these reminders from the American Association of Orthodontics.

Why is a Retainer Important?

Getting your braces off is very exciting and we are just as excited to see your smile as you are! We understand that the last thing most patients want to think about is having to wear retainers during the retention phase of their treatment. However, a retainer is the key for keeping your teeth in their new positions! Your teeth can naturally move over time due to things like eating, chewing, and growing. The only thing keeping them from shifting is your retainers! It is common for patients to need braces a second time due to not wearing their retainers as instructed.

Retainer Wear

Once your braces are removed, the next most common question is about how long you will need to wear your retainers. The answer is, it depends. This is going to be different for everyone depending on the patient’s case, the type of retainer they have and where they are in their treatment. Please follow all instructions you receive from Dr. Erika Campbell and our team. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!

Cleaning Your Retainers

It is important to take good care of your retainer so that it will last. First of all, we suggest cleaning your retainer daily. After you remove it in the morning, get a small amount of hand soap and rub it into your retainer with your hands. Make sure to rinse it very well and put it directly into the case for safe keeping. If needed, you can use and old toothbrush to help remove any spots. Never boil your retainer, put it in the dishwasher, or leave it out of its case! Pets love retainers, and they are quick to find them and break them.

Lost or Broken Appliances

It is not uncommon for a retainer to be broken, thrown away or misplaced. If you go too long without wearing them, they can also no longer fit. Do not worry, we can help! Call our office and schedule a retainer checkup. If your retainer is broken, bring what you have with you and Dr. Campbell will decide if we can fix it or if a new one is needed. If the retainer is lost, we can make you a new one. However, please note that depending on the situation there may be a cost for a new retainer.

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