Retainers, custom made devices for maintaining the alignment of teeth, are extremely common in orthodontic treatment. Caring for your retainer is extremely important, both from a treatment and hygiene standpoint. Here are a few tips to care for your retainer and ensure your treatment continues strong!

Clean your retainer every day! Wearing a retainer is like adding an extra layer to your teeth, which means you should clean it as often as you brush. Gently scrub your retainer under running water with your toothbrush to keep it clean. Avoid hot water, as this could misshape the retainer.

Speaking of hot water, it’s best to avoid heat in general. Never leave your retainer sitting out in the sun or in a hot car! This can cause the plastic to warp and no longer fit your teeth.

Have a designated spot for your retainer when you take it out to eat. A very common issue with new recipients of a retainer is to accidentally throw it out after a meal. It’s best to always return your retainer to its case when it’s not in use!

Keep your retainer out of reach of pets and small children. It is very easy to lose a retainer on the ground, and even easier for your dog to chew it when it’s not stored on a countertop or in a cabinet.

Brush your teeth before and after wearing your retainer! Putting a retainer of dirty teeth means wearing a dirty retainer. Brushing often will keep you feeling clean and help your appliance last much longer.

For more retainer tips and tricks, feel free to reach out to us! Remember that the key to making your retainer work for you is to wear it often, and to take care of it using these methods!

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