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Welcome to the blog of Campbell Orthodontics!
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Is your teacher the best?  Help us show how much we love our teachers! Now through May 1st, we encourage you to nominate a teacher who has made an impact on your life for our Teacher Appreciation Gift!

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Braces require extra time and effort to keep your smile clean and clear of food. At Campbell Orthodontics, we understand that brushing and flossing your teeth can be especially challenging with braces. That is why we work hard to ensure you have the proper tools and techniques for effective brushing and flossing during your orthodontic treatment. 

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Early orthodontic treatment can improve your child’s orthodontic health for life. When we are able to catch bite and alignment problems early on, we can treat problems at the right time, preventing bigger, more costly issues later on.

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Retainers are important to keeping your smile intact for years to come. Immediately after treatment, your teeth with naturally want to return to their starting positions. Wearing your retainers can train your teeth to stay where we want them to after treatment. This is called the retention phase.

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This Holiday Season, Give a Smile!

Help us spread Holiday cheer and SMILES this season by bringing a donation for our Holiday Toy Drive! Campbell Orthodontics is excited to be partnering with the Shelter for Abused Women and Children this year to help bring holiday cheer and smiles to children in need.

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